At Coolair24, we strive for perfection, therefore we have gathered a qualified and experienced team comprised of engineers and air conditioning design and installation professionals to make sure that our projects deliver in quality and satisfy even the most demanding needs of our clients. Our company works with only the most renowned and internationally recognised air conditioning brands and dealers such as Daikin, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu and Hitachi in order to provide durable and reliable solutions for your home, office and business. In the past we have worked on the projects for the public sector, including local authorities, educational institutions and medical facilities. We have also equipped commercial venues such as hotels, shops, convenience stores, butchers, bakeries, pubs and clubs with excellent refrigeration, ventilation and air con systems.

We strongly believe that the first step in successful design and implementation of any air conditioning, ventilation or refrigeration project is to understand the needs of the clients. We offer face-to-face consultations in order to evaluate the entire HVAC system of your space, specify your expectations and advise you on the best materials and systems available on the market. Once the project is completed, we are committed to helping you get to know your brand-new installation better, therefore we offer a complete walkthrough for the installation. At Coolair24 we pay maximum attention to environmentally conscious solutions not only for the good of your home, office or business, but also for the benefit of our planet. Our team maintains the utmost consideration for your space and safety and we are happy to provide a 5-year guaranty on products and installation.

Below we proudly present you our latest project implementations and encourage you to get in touch with our sales team for any air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation queries, quotes, commissions and more.



White Toshiba air conditioning london on a grey roof, with blue sky and white clouds above them and two leaves on the right



Grey refrigeration systems, in different shapes and sizes, standing in front of a blue and white background



Silver ventilation london duct with red and blue arrows which point the way hot air is siphoned out